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Airbrush Kit 038b Advanced Mural Painting



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Kit de aerografía avanzado para pintura mural compuesto de

  • Airbrush Elite E7116P
  • Compresor Nuair Red 24
  • 3 meter Hose with 2 1/8 connections

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Advanced Mural Paint Airbrush Kit

Advanced mural paint Airbrush Kit, specially designed for people with the following characteristics:

  • They have experience in airbrushing
  • They will make medium and big projects

The kit includes:

Airbrush Elite E7116P

aerografo elite e7116p
The Airbrush Elite E7116 is suitable for backgrounds and big surfaces.

The Airbrush Elite E7116 offers 6-year warranty.

Presented in case, contains:

  • 1 Elite E7116 pistol airbrush
  • 3 Interchangeable deposits 13, 5 y 2 ml
  • 1 nozzle and needle set 0.5 mm
  • Wrench


  • Interchangeable paint tank: 13ml, 5ml y 2ml deposits
  • Nozzle: 0.3mm, 0.5mm y 0.8mm
  • Needle: 0.3mm, 0.5mm y 0.8mm
  • Type: double action
  • Reservoir type: upper gravity reservoir
  • AFC Válve(Air Flow Control)
  • Teflon resistant to solvent joints
  • Allows spray fine lines up to 5 cm.

Compressor Nuair Red 24

compresor nuair red 24

The Compressor Nuair Red 24 sis suitable for the professional and occasional airbrush artist that perform medium and large scale paint applications.

It is powerful and reliable .


  • Air piston compressor without oil..
  • Air tank: 24 l It provides a smooth and steady supply of air, eliminating fluctuations and pulses.
  • Adjustable regulator and pressure manometer.
  • The compressor can start working with air, continuous, powerful work.
  • Power: At 2 CV this compressor provides more air Volume (CFM) and air pressure (PSI) than any airbrush needs.
  • Precise air adjustment: The diaphragm pressure regulator provides a precise airflow adjustment
  • Constant pressure and pulsation Zero: The air stored in the tank, providing constant regulated pressure. Pulsation Zero cero because the air is sent from the tank, eliminating which eliminates any pistone pulsation.


  • Type: single cylinder compressor with air tank
  • Power: 2 CV / 1500 W
  • Air Control: Pressure Regulator.
  • Air Distribution: 220 L/min
  • Maximum pressure: 8 bar
  • Air tank: 24 litros
  • Connections: 1/4 pulgadas
  • Dimensions: 57cm x 25.5cm x 59cm
  • Weight: 25Kg
  • Electric cable: 1.8 metros
  • Certificate: CE, GS, ROHS, ETL, CETL


manguera elite mng1818

3 meter Elite Airbrush Hose MNG1818-3 with with two threaded female endings G1/8 that engages most airbrushes and compressors in our shop.

    NivelDoble Acción
    Índice de flexiónGravedad
    Tipo de BoquillaFlotante
    Diámetro Boquilla0.30
    Capacidad Depósito15ml
    Regulador de Presión
    Regulador de Pintura
    Garantía6 años
    AplicaciónPintura Mural
    ObjetivoPintar áreas grandes
    Aptitud UsuarioAlto
    Marca compresorNuair
    Modelo compresornuair red 24
    PotenciaSin aceite
    Calderín (litros)24
    Aire Aspirado L/Min220
    Presión Max. (bar)8
    Garantía compresor24 meses

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Airbrush Kit 038b Advanced Mural Painting

Airbrush Kit 038b Advanced Mural Painting

Kit de aerografía avanzado para pintura mural compuesto de

  • Airbrush Elite E7116P
  • Compresor Nuair Red 24
  • 3 meter Hose with 2 1/8 connections

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