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Airbrush Kit 047 Master Sun Tanning



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Airbrush Tanning Advanced Level. Contains:

  • Bronzing gun
  • Compressor Nuair Vento Silent
  • Hose with 2 1/8 connections
  • 2 Sugar Cane Tan Solution, choose between DNA 8%, 10% o 12% 1L.
  • Quick connector with pressure regulator
  • Support Clamp for 2 airbrushes
  • 1 Kit 5 Airbrush Cleaning Sticks
  • Airbrush Moisture Filter

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Master Tanning Airbrush Kit

Master Tanning airbrushing kit specially designed for artists with the following characteristics:

  • They have experience in airbrushing
  • They will make medium and big projects

The kit includes:

Bronzing gun

pistola bronceado

Its modern design makes it ergonomic and ultralight. It has a stainless nozzle needle set. The gun has an adjustment range.


  • Weight: 500 gr
  • Reservoir capacity: 600ml
  • Atomizing pressure: max. 40 PSI
  • Range Width: 170mm
  • Nozzle/needle diameter: 1.1mm

Compressor Nuair Vento Silent

compresor nuair silent vento

The compressor is powerful, compact, reliable and silent.


  • Air piston compressor without oil .
  • Air tank: 6 l It provides a smooth and steady supply of air, eliminating fluctuations and pulses.
  • Adjustable regulator and pressure manometer.
  • Can start working with air, continuous, powerful work.
  • Power: At 1 CV this compressor provides more air Volume (CFM) and air pressure (PSI) than any airbrush needs.
  • Portable: Lightweight and compact, handle for its easy transport and storage .
  • Precise air adjustment: The diaphragm pressure regulator provides a precise airflow adjustment
  • Constant pressure and pulsation Zero: The air stored in the tank, providing constant regulated pressure. Pulsation Zero cero because the air is sent from the tank, eliminating which eliminates any pistone pulsation.
  • Maintenance-free, air piston compressor without oil.º
  • Low Noise: Quiet, only 66 db.


  • Type: single cylinder compressor with air tank
  • Power: 1CV / 700W
  • Air Control: Pressure Regulator.
  • Air Distribution: 115L/min
  • Maximum pressure: 8 bar
  • Air tank: 6 l
  • Connections: 1/4 inches
  • Dimensions: 52cm x 19,5cm x 47cm
  • Weight: 15 Kg
  • Electric cable: 1.8 m
  • Certificate: CE, GS, ROHS, ETL, CETL

Tanning solution

bronceador caña de azucar

Tanning solution application is performed cleanly in a bathroom or room, producing only a small spray around the person, which also means a very small loss of product. The self-tanner is available in various intensities, it is applied in a single session of just 20 minutes, it´s odorless and dries without leaving a sticky feel. The application of DHA is done in a beauty or aesthetics center, using micro spray on the skin with a self-tanningo airbrush kit (not in a cabin).

The tan can be seen immediately after the application and increases progressively during the following hours, reaching the maximum tone within 24 hours.

The active substance, DHA o Dihidroxiacetone, is a 100% natural colorless derivative of sugar cane, generates a natural reaction and immediate darkening or tanning, when getting in contact with skin proteins.

By acting on the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis, the DHA does not penetrate the skin, so we avoid the risk of allergic reactions. In this process the melanin is not involved.

DHA is not a dye or a pigment, so each person gets its own natural tan, with no orange colorations.

Even if skin sloughs completely each 28 days, the superficial skin layers, in a 25%, exfoliate and slough naturally each 7-15 days. This explains that this tanning has a duration of between 7 y 15 days, considering the prior preparation of the body, the ability to tan your skin, conditions and lifestyle, and it also affects hydration and care after the application. The tan will not disappear in the shower. Like a natural Tan, it loses intensity gradually with the natural peeling of the stratum corneum of the skin, disappearing after a week.

* The Dihydroxyacetone or DHA, approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 1973 and guaranteed by the Skin Cancer Foundation, is totally innocuous and it is accepted by the Ministry of Health in Spain.

Brown durning 5-10 days:

The effects appear after 5 o 6 hours after the application, and within 24 hours the desired tone is obtained. Suitable for all skin types, including those that have spots problems, because you get a uniform skin tone.


It is not necessary to prepare the skin in a special way. Go showered to the professional as you usually do, but without applying creams that could cause stains. If you exfoliate your skin, you'll get a better result. The professional will apply a cream to protect certain areas of the body that should not be tanned.


manguera elite mng1818

3 meter Elite Airbrush Hose MNG1818-3 with with two threaded female endings G1/8 that engages most airbrushes and compressors in our shop.

Quick connector with regulator Elite

conector rápido con regulador elite
Quick connector and pressure regulator for airbrushes with 1/8 connections. 

It includes a female connector with pressure regulator and a male connector. The male connector is threaded to the 1/8 hose, and the male connector to the airbrush air inlet. Connected by pressure, disconnected by pulling up the central part of the female connector body.

Advantages of the quick connector with regulator:

  • It allows easy and quick changes, using only one hose
  • It allows disconnecting the airbrush from the hose without disconnecting the compressor.

Elite cleaning sticks

cepillos de limpieza para aerografos

Five sticks to clean airbrushes in different sizes. You can clean the paint reservoir, the paint ducts and the head of the airbrush (shutter, nozzle and nozzle cap).

Elite anti-moisture filter

filtro anti humedad mango aerografo

Mini filter that is placed between the airbrush and the Hose that retains moisture generated by the compressor condensation.

Elite airbrush holder for two airbrushes

soporte mesa para dos aerografos

Airbrush holder for two airbrushes with fastening clamp on the the table.

    NivelSimple Acción
    Índice de flexiónSucción
    Tipo de BoquillaRosca
    Diámetro Boquilla1.00
    Regulador de PresiónNo
    Regulador de Pintura
    Garantía6 años
    Contenido Cajamanguera, soporte, filtro, baquetas, enchufe rápido, pintura y plantillas
    ObjetivoPintar áreas grandes
    Aptitud UsuarioMaster
    Marca compresorNuair
    Modelo compresorVento Silent
    PotenciaSin aceite
    Calderín (litros)6
    Aire Aspirado L/Min115
    Presión Max. (bar)8
    Garantía compresor24 meses

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Airbrush Kit 047 Master Sun Tanning

Airbrush Kit 047 Master Sun Tanning

Airbrush Tanning Advanced Level. Contains:

  • Bronzing gun
  • Compressor Nuair Vento Silent
  • Hose with 2 1/8 connections
  • 2 Sugar Cane Tan Solution, choose between DNA 8%, 10% o 12% 1L.
  • Quick connector with pressure regulator
  • Support Clamp for 2 airbrushes
  • 1 Kit 5 Airbrush Cleaning Sticks
  • Airbrush Moisture Filter

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